Jaspure Spirulina (Super Food According to WHO)


Spirulina is a blue-green algae in the form of a spiral. It is one of the oldest photosynthetic life forms that created oxygen in the atmosphere and enabled the creation and evolution of higher life forms in nature. Spirulina is an immortal organism that has been renewing itself for 3 billion years and contains the wisdom and experience of nature encoded in its own DNA. Spirulina is the most complete and powerful food in the world .

It is a rich source of nutrients with a concentration greater than any food, vegetable, fruit, seed or herb and has numerous benefits for the human body. It strengthens the immunity, nourishes, purifies, renews, rejuvenates and protects against diseases. Spirulina is 100% natural , contains no preservatives, is easily digestible, is suitable for use by all ages and is an excellent substitute for artificially produced minerals and vitamins.

30 capsules in one pack.


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