Fluprest P

Greetings! We are delighted to introduce you to a revolutionary painkiller,  which is set to redefine the realm of conventional painkillers. This exceptional product stands out as the only brand manufactured with betcyclodetrine base, ensuring unparalleled efficacy. Furthermore, it is produced in WHO-GMP and USFDA Approved manufacturing plants, guaranteeing top-notch quality and safety.

Embrace the Advancement in Pain Relief with Fluprest P tab – Your Royal Painkiller.



 Your Powerful Pain Relief Combination

Fluprest P Tab is a dynamic combination of two potent medicines, Flupirtine, and Paracetamol, working in synergy to relieve pain. Flupirtine, a non-opioid, non-NSAID, non-steroid, and non-Cox-2 inhibitor, belongs to a unique class of centrally acting painkillers. Its mechanism involves blocking glutamate N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors, halting the transmission of pain signals to the brain, thus reducing pain perception. Paracetamol, on the other hand, serves as both an analgesic (pain reliever) and an anti-pyretic, effectively blocking the release of certain chemical messengers responsible for fever and pain.

Comprehensive Pain Relief Applications

This is the ideal solution for various pain-related conditions, including acute and chronic pain, joint pains, dysmenorrhea (period pain), postoperative pain, toothache after dental extraction, myalgia (muscle pain), fibromyalgia, neuromuscular pain, pain induced by structural disorders, chronic low back pain, fracture pain, cancer pain, sleep disorders, and other chronic pain conditions.


Fluprest P Tab: Safety in Short and Long-term Usage, Especially in CKD

Fluprest P Tab is proven to be remarkably safe for both short-term and long-term usage, making it a preferred choice, particularly for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). However, its safety in pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers is yet to be established, as sufficient data on this aspect, like with all other medicines, are not currently available.

Prioritizing Safety in CKD and Beyond

Fluprest P Tab is a reliable pain management solution, notably safe for patients with CKD. Nevertheless, due diligence is required when considering its use during pregnancy or breastfeeding, and medical consultation is vital to make informed decisions.

Experience Safe and Effective Pain Relief – Your Choice for Pain Management.


Fluprest P Tab: Recommended for Both Short-term and Long-term Usage

Fluprest P Tab is ideally suited for short-term and long-term pain management. For optimal results, it is advised to administer the medication every 8 hours, especially during the initial stage of treatment. Subsequently, the dosage can be adjusted to twice or once a day based on the severity and the patient’s pain condition. The onset of action may start a little later compared to conventionally used painkillers, typically around 24-36 hours after commencing treatment. However, once the effect kicks in, the pain-relieving efficacy of Fluprest P Tab is consistently maintained.

Experience the Prolonged Pain Relief Benefits – Your Trusted Pain Management Solution.

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