Me - Nin

Me-Nin is a reliable solution for the short-term treatment of insomnia caused by sleep cycle disorders and time zone changes, commonly known as “jet lag.” This product offers the potential to facilitate faster sleep onset, reduce nighttime awakenings, and extend overall sleep duration.

This specialized formulation capitalizes on Me-Nin, a natural substance produced by your body. Me-Nin is believed to play a role in regulating your body’s daily rhythm, hormone secretion, and sleep patterns, promoting a balanced sleep-wake cycle.

It’s important to note that some herbal and dietary supplement products may contain impurities or additives that could be potentially harmful. It’s advisable to consult your pharmacist for specific details regarding the brand you’re using. It’s worth mentioning that the FDA has not evaluated this product for its safety or effectiveness. To gain comprehensive insights, consult your doctor or pharmacist for a more detailed understanding of Me-Nin and its potential benefits.

Me-Nin for sleep disorder
Me-Nin for sleep disorder


To harness the benefits of Me-Nin, it’s recommended to take it before bedtime or as per the guidelines provided on the package label. Adhering to all directions outlined in the product package is vital for optimal results. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor or pharmacist for clarification.

Prior to taking a dose of this medication, ensure you have a window of at least 6 to 8 hours available for uninterrupted sleep. This precaution ensures that you can fully experience the restorative effects of the drug.

The appropriate dosage is contingent upon factors such as your age, medical condition, and your body’s response to treatment. If you’re utilizing extended-release tablets, it’s imperative not to crush or chew them. Doing so can result in the sudden release of the entire drug content, heightening the likelihood of encountering side effects.


When using rapidly dissolving tablets, ensure your hands are dry before handling the tablet. Depending on the brand, these tablets can be placed either on the tongue or under the tongue. Adhere to your brand’s specific instructions for proper placement. As the tablet dissolves, allow it to do so completely, then swallow it along with the saliva. Notably, there’s no need to accompany this medication with water.

The onset of effects from this medication can often be experienced within just 30 minutes. However, if your condition persists, worsens, or you suspect a potentially serious medical issue, seek medical assistance promptly.

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