OvariCard is fortified with Dehydroepiandrosterone, a member of the steroid medicine group. Primarily designed for women with diminished reproductive potential in the context of in vitro fertilization (IVF), OvariCard 75 mg serves as a vital resource. Dehydroepiandrosterone, synthesized by the adrenal cortex’s outer layer, plays a pivotal role as a source of estrogen in women. This contribution of estrogen is particularly significant before and after menopause.

OvariCard SR undergoes transformation into essential sex hormones within the body, crucial for nurturing the production and development of robust eggs. It’s worth noting that some potential side effects include oily skin, acne-like bumps, excess facial hair growth, heightened perspiration odor, hair loss, mood fluctuations, voice deepening, and symptoms associated with masculinization. Additionally, it’s essential to recognize the potential associations with breast cancer and prostate cancer.

OvariCard 75 Mg


OvariCard 75mg Tablet SR offers flexibility in terms of consumption – it can be taken with or without food. For optimal results, adhere to a consistent schedule, ensuring you take it at the same time daily. It’s imperative to follow your doctor’s recommendations regarding dosage and usage instructions. The frequency and amount of medication will be determined by your specific condition, with your doctor tailoring it to address your symptoms effectively.

Administer the tablets in their entirety, swallowing them with a glass of water. Sustained use should align with your doctor’s prescription, ensuring ongoing management of your condition.

Among the commonly experienced side effects are acne, hot flushes, weight gain, and prostate enlargement. Should these effects prove bothersome or substantial, it’s advisable to promptly inform your doctor. They may offer strategies to alleviate or prevent these effects. If you become pregnant, discontinuing the use of this medication is recommended.


“Nurturing Female Fertility: Insights into OvariCard 75mg Tablet SR”

OvariCard 75mg Tablet SR encapsulates the essence of progesterone, a pivotal female hormone essential for orchestrating ovulation and menstruation. Its role is instrumental in cultivating a harmonious reproductive cycle. Specifically, this medication serves to induce menstrual periods in women who haven’t entered menopause but experience absence of periods due to an insufficiency of natural progesterone in the body.

For optimal outcomes, adhering to prescribed usage is paramount. By following your doctor’s guidance, you enhance the potential efficacy of the medication. Moreover, it’s notable that this treatment might extend beyond conception, continuing for a certain duration even after pregnancy is achieved.

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